Under New Management

I always thought the signs in front of restaurants and/or motels that proclaim "Under New Management" were a bad idea.

Isn't it an admission that, well, we just weren't very good before, but we'd like you to come back and try us again - we're "Under New Management". New managers, good. But what about the crabby, slow workers? Did any of those get changed?

It doesn't inspire my confidence. I have never gone anywhere because they were "Under New Management".

Now if the sign said: "Fired The Bad Seed - Promoted The Good Workers - Trained Some Great New Hires", then, I might give them a try. Oh, and "Double Cheeseburgers, Buy One, Get One Free" would also make me think twice, too.

That said, we here at Central Standard have returned to the previous blog template. I like the cleaner look. It's like my blog has shaved.

Also, I promise to think about picking up the pace somewhat on the frequency of posts. I haven't been doing very well at it.

It's like I'm "Under New Management".

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