130. Election Coverage, Dave Barry Style

Well, I read this the other day and I laughed for over a minute non-stop. I showed it to my son, who was home this weekend, and I cracked up again while he did the same. Maybe it's just me, but I think this is hilarious.

It is written by the brilliantly funny Dave Barry and if you are not reading him, you should be. When I grow up I want to be Dave Barry. Or James Lileks.

Anyway, enjoy -

In analyzing the results of Tuesday's historic election, the question we must ask ourselves, first and foremost, is: what the heck were the results of Tuesday's historic election?

I personally don't know. The Miami Herald made me send in this analysis before the election was actually over, so that it could be printed in a timely manner. This is part of the newspaper industry's crafty plan to defeat this ''Internet'' thing that has the youngsters so excited.

Anyway, my election analysis, based on weeks of reading political blogs, listening to talk radio and watching campaign ads on television, is that one of the following things is true:

• Barack Obama is our next president, which is very bad because he is a naive untested wealth-spreading terrorist-befriending ultraliberal socialist communist who will suddenly reveal his secret Muslim identity by riding to his inauguration on a camel shouting ''Death to Israel!'' (I mean Obama will be shouting this, not the camel) after which he will wreck the economy by sending Joe the Plumber to Guantánamo and taxing away all the income of anybody who makes over $137.50 per year and giving it to bloated government agencies that will deliberately set it on fire.

• Or, John McCain is our next president, which is very bad because he is a 287-year-old out-of-touch multiple-house-owning fascist who will rape the environment and build nuclear power plants inside elementary schools and reinstate slavery and create tax loopholes that benefit only people who own three or more personal helicopters, after which he will declare war on the entire United Nations and then keel over dead and leave us with commander-in-chief Sarah ''Flash Card'' Palin.

• Or, Ralph Nader is our next president, which is very bad because it means there has been a successful Klingon invasion.

Read the whole article.


Bob Wingate said...

I read the entire Dave Barry article...it was funny!

I agree with some of his observations of the 1960 election, and his phrase "big honking arguments" cracked me up.

I can just picture that...

Trish said...

Thanks for posting this article, I laughed so hard I was crying.