131. Obama, Obama, Obama, Part One

I can't help it.

The president-elect's name reminds me of Mufasa, the name of the dad lion from The Lion King. And I always think of the part where the hyenas are scaring each other by saying Mufasa's name. The one says, "Do it again!" And the reply is, "Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa!"

That story had a happy ending. After a lot of pain and death and stuff.

Here's some more observations from the election's aftermath -

Scott Johnson, Powerline - Despite his thoroughgoing liberalism, Obama did not run as a liberal. Liberals can run successfully for president under camouflage donned for the occasion. The camouflage will be accorded respect and deference by the press like that accorded the Emperor's new clothes.

Bill Dyer writing at Hugh Hewitt wrote a great article which should be read in it's entirety. A portion - I pray that you may acquire wisdom — wisdom beyond your tender years, your thin experience, and your inconsequential legislative achievements — wisdom as a public servant in office, rather, that is at least commensurate with the skill you've shown as a campaigner, which has been a genuine marvel. I pray for your health, because, with due respect, I regard the prospect of your Vice President-elect having to step into your shoes with genuine panic. Let's hope that he can continue to be Crazy Uncle Joe, less of a danger to the nation as Vice President than as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Mary Katharine Ham, Weekly Standard Blog - I do not know who he is. I do not know which Obama will show up in Washington, D.C. to govern. My good feelings for him have diminished considerably throughout the campaign, as I've become increasingly convinced that his post-partisan, post-racial pitch was naught but a political pose.

I'll close for now. There will be a concluding wrap-up tomorrow.

Sweet dreams.

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