133. Stand-Up Guy Paul Ryan

I love it when I find these kind of stories.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I don't have any idea what it means to be a man. And if you are female, this is no big deal, but for the rest of us, it's kind of important to get a handle on it. A lot of times I just feel like a big kid, clueless about what my responsibilities are. I think most of the time I do OK, but still, it would be great to be confident all the time, like John Wayne or something.

This article tells about the actions of one congressman during the recent so-called mortgage crisis. The whole thing is good but here's a choice tidbit -

House Republicans spent this week justifying their positions on the failed bill, invoking taxpayers or credit markets or electoral pressures. Here's a better way to analyze votes: There were a few conservatives who for years took unpopular positions against the government-inspired credit mania, yet this week had the guts to act to calm the markets. And there were many Republicans who for years aided and abetted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, yet this week ran for political cover.

Mr. Ryan is among the former. As early as 2000 he was warning in House hearings that Fan and Fred were rushing into subprime loans and mortgage-backed securities, growing and concentrating their risk, and putting taxpayers on the hook. He's so vociferously called for more supervision that he was once stalked by a Fannie Mae lobbyist.

No matter whether you think the bailout was needed or not (and I still don't think it's clear), Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan is a stand-up guy.

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