It Occurs To Me, Super Bowl Edition

The NFL title game, commonly known as the Super Bowl, will kick off in about 90 minutes. I have no idea who will win, but God does. In fact, He knows precisely who will win and what the score will be. In fact, it was ordered at the foundation of the world.

I listen to sports radio frequently and I've noticed something this week that goes on during other weeks before big games. As soon as the matchup is known, one team, in this case the Steelers, is immediately determined to be favored. A couple of days later, people begin talking about how the other team, in this case the Cardinals, could actually pull off the upset. A couple of days after that, all the talk is that the initial favored team probably will win, but anything could happen. And then what happens usually is the team favored at the beginning wins the game.

And today, I think Pittsburgh will win because I think they are a more complete, deeper squad. I'd like to see the Cardinals, and specifically, Kurt Warner win.

We'll have the Lord's Supper at church tonight and I'll go and hear the story of redemption again which is good for my soul. When I get home, another story, one about a football championship will be told me, the ending already in God's hand.

Though different stories and different values, I'll like them both.

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