Play Ball!

Tomorrow is the Day of Love and no guy should have to be reminded of what this day holds.

Yes, tomorrow pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training for the St. Louis Cardinals. Some other squads have already begun and by next week all the teams will have started. Camp always begins with the pitchers and catchers, but there are always a few position players around who like to get going early.

But, sadly, though the season has not yet begun, another steroid scandal has rocked the sport. Team trainers for the Pittsburgh Pirates were caught NOT giving any steroids to Pirate players. Confronted with these allegations, they admitted they haven't given Pittsburgh ballplayers ANY steroids for decades. Said one, "We think it's why Barry left! He wanted to be a winner." Bonds, a free agent, is expected to sign with a Leavenworth squad sometime in the next year.

The Dodgers moved their spring training home to Arizona after 60 years at Vero Beach, Florida. It was an emotional move which has now, not surprisingly, been a little more expensive in these troubled economic times. To overcome the shortfall the Dodgers applied for some stimulus money from the federal government, but were initially turned down. However, when President Obama was told that the Dodger players were all union members, he said they could have whatever they wanted AND that the Caterpillar guy would give them or their families jobs if they want. "No Union member left behind!" said the president.

And finally, ESPN will cover a lot of baseball games this year, that is, as long as football doesn't interfere. Once football training camp starts in July there will be lots of coverage of football practice (Practice?), and some footage of Bret Favre crying and reports about the Manning brothers goofing around like real brothers or something, while their football playing dad says, "Boys, take it outside!"

Of course, they will still show the home runs and the fights.

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