Time to Dump the Inbox

I rifled through the Inbox here at Central Standard and came up with a few things that you must know, if you must know.

Number One Son and his roommate have posted more graphic art over at their blog, Spare Oom. I particularly like this one - I'd say it's good enough to be a poster or a postage stamp, but then, that's Dad talking.

This is an ugly development, I think. The Cardinals had two second basemen before Christmas. Now we're rifling through the outfielder drawer to find one. I am not impressed with the performance of Cards' GM John Mozeliak to this point. Obviously, if the club wins around 90 and is in the hunt well into September, well then, I'm wrong. But right now I'd say the All-Star Game is going to be the highlight in St. Louis aside from the day-to-day heroics of Albert Pujols.

You'll want to see this from the guys at Powerline and get one before Obama rejects as false the notion of you mocking the current administration.

The liberals, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and many, many others believe that people who are wealthy should be punished, penalized. I have never understood why this is admirable. It is simply envy carried out to it's wickedly logical ends. I don't begrudge anyone who makes money. As a matter of fact, I try to learn from those who can make money so I can make more, too.

Anyway, the liberals, contemplating a deficit well over 1 TRILLION dollars (trillion = 1,000,000 x 1,000,000) are looking for ways to tax the wealthy and their businesses. But there's a problem. Simply, it won't work. Still, they will try.

Aren't you glad the smart ones run the government now?

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