The Word of God

I began a series of posts a while back based upon the definitions found in Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology. That is to say, I posted one and haven't gotten back to it. It's time to fix that.

Chapter two is The Word of God, but Grudem does not really give a definition in a simple sentence. Rather he writes sections which flesh out several different meanings of the phrase. Here are the sections and sub-sections he lists:

A. "The Word of God" as a Person: Jesus Christ
B. "The Word of God" as Speech by God
1. God's Decrees
2. God's Words of Personal Address
3. God's Words as Speech Through Human Lips
4. God's Words in Written Form (the Bible)

Grudem then explains that, "the focus of our study in systematic theology is God's Word in written form, that is, the Bible. This is the form of God's Word that is available for study, for public inspection, for repeated examination, and as a basis for mutual discussion."


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