120. Piper Twice

About a month ago a new I-35 bridge opened in Minneapolis replacing the one which collapsed last year, as I'm sure you recall. John Piper, a pastor there and a great benefit to me and the church at large throught his writing and preaching, posted on the Desiring God blog about the event.

Among other things, Piper wrote, "If the bridge had collapsed at midnight and 13 people had died, the media would have been (rightly) filled with amazement that only 13 people had died, and officials would have been expressing relieved gratitude that the bridge did not collapse at rush hour. For if it had, surely hundreds would have died. But the fact is, there was heavy traffic on the bridge at 6:05 PM when the bridge went down and still only 13 people died. This is simply astonishing. It could not be said out loud last year because even the pain of 13 lost (and 145 injured) is not to be minimized. But now it must be said. Whatever reasons God had for not holding up the bridge at rush hour, he was merciful to spare hundreds of lives. For that we should thank him."

There is more to the article and all of it is God-centered, which Piper is always so eager for us to see and feel. Read it all here.

And while we are at it, here's an article from Piper on "Tethered Preaching" that I found to be a refreshment. You can read all of it at this link, but for now, here's a taste, "The Bible tethers us to reality. We are not free to think and speak whatever might enter our minds or what might be pleasing to any given audience—except God. By personal calling and Scripture, I am bound to the word of God and to the preaching of what the Bible says. There are few things that burden me more or refresh me more than saying what I see in the Bible. I love to see what God says in the Bible. I love to savor it. And I love to say it."

Finally, one more thing before I quit.

You have probably noticed an absence of political talk here. I admit I am weary of it and, frankly, disheartened. All outward appearances indicate that Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States. This makes me very sad. I mourn for our country that it would so readily throw over freedom for this charismatic man.

I saw the Soviet Union. I can see Cuba. I can see Venezuela. I can see the People's Republic of China. I want nothing to do with socialism. And that's why I want nothing to do with Obama. I prefer the freedoms of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

I have been meaning to write about Providence for many days now. I think it would be timely in view of the upcoming election. But I think what I have to say will be long enough to merit mutltiple posts, so it's not ready yet.

In the meantime, we must do all we can and part of that is prayer. Please pray with me that God would allow us to remain free a while longer.


Bob Wingate said...

Just one quick comment, perhaps more later.

The race has tightened up, and it's not over for John McCain.

There has been a Huge amount of spin from the Dems in the media. They're doing everything they can think of to make B. O. win. One thing they *Really* want to do is discourage us from turning out the vote for McCain and other Republicans running for office.

While we conservative Christians play by the rules and sometimes are, well, overly nice people...maybe it't time for a bit of righteous indignation.

So much is at stake. Spread the word. Help people get to the polls.

Be of good courage.

Anonymous said...

Dad, my opinion is this: if you dislike Obama so much, as I do, then you should get a McCain logo going on the right side of your blog. It's the least you can do! If you don't, that's ok. But I think you should.
Love, Sarah