127. Obama Is An Empty Suit With No Clothes On

I’ve been thinking all along that people would, eventually, see the truth about Obama.

They would see him as too liberal. A thug up to his elbows in corrupt, Chicago-style political practices. Facilitating ACORN voter fraud, which is Community Organizing in action. He's wrong on Israel, the Palestinians, Iraq, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. He's a tax increaser, a wealth redistributor. An empty suit with no serious accomplishments to show for his 47 years. And I had faith that there would be time enough for all the junk to come out and Americans would reject this terribly flawed candidate resoundingly.

Now I am not so sure. And I wonder if Americans can’t see all this because they can’t see it. While conservatives went drowsily about their business in the eighties and nineties, even with majorities at times, the progressives were busy in the neighborhoods, the schools, the churches, the arts, the city councils, the think tanks, the county governments and the state legislatures. And now many Americans have learned to not see. They will not see the difference between right and wrong, up or down, left or right. Or, maybe more devastatingly, they might argue there’s really not much of a difference. And that the only thing that’s really wrong is insisting that there are things that are absolutely and always right.

We freedom loving Americans may dodge this bullet if the polls reflect an actual move to McCain. But if the culture, from kindergarten to statehouse, has determined not to see, then the future is grim indeed.

I wonder, will there be any free places left on Earth?

Less grimly, McCain is confident concerning Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Michael Barone is predicting that there will not be 60 Donkey senators. That is very good news.


SarahM said...

Well said father.
I like your political pics too.

Bob Wingate said...

Let me see if I understand this...an empty suit, but no clothes...
that must make him some kind of phantom.

I've long suspected that there was some kind of connection between the presidential race going into its last week and halloween.

Okay sorry, I had to throw in a bit of humor, if you can call it that. Seriously, this is the most scary election cycle I can remember (and that includes a couple of doozies, 1992 and 1996).

Mike, good comments BTW, as Sarah said. I'll ponder this some more and post again on Sunday or Monday.

Bob Wingate said...

Okay, here's my second, more serious comment (also posted on my blog poppysfrontporch).

I don’t believe the polling data that has Obama way ahead, I think the race is actually so close the election could go either way. I would like to say I’m optimistic about a McCain win tomorrow. Not that I’m pessimistic, but I think it’s just too close to call.

And that’s a shame. Obama can give a good speech, but that’s all. Nothing he proposes will strengthen our economy or our security, and if you think about his empty rhetoric, the race shouldn’t even be close; John McCain should be way ahead.

Item 1: The fact that the race is this close shows that many people don’t understand the importance of reducing the size of government spending, and of encouraging people to be as self-reliant as possible.

God bless Joe the plumber. He gets it.

Obama may not be an all-out socialist. But, who is to say? What do we really know about him, other than he’s whipped up a lot of people with the desire for change…any change?

I’ve heard people argue for change in this manner, “Well, he can’t be any worse than the guy we have now”. With all due respect, that’s nonsense.

If you believe nothing else I write here, please trust me on this. It can be much, much worse. Especially if far left politicians take over all branches of government.

Obama’s plans for the tax code are socialistic. What I hear from his camp sounds like the same old class warfare rhetoric, you know, the “It’s not fair, stick it to ‘em” stuff.

Now, are there people who know more about economics than I? You bet. But I’ll tell you one thing, in fact I’ll pose it as a question; and the subject is jobs.

Have you ever been hired by a poor person? I’ll bet in most all cases the answer is no. Successful business owners are people who create wealth and move into higher tax brackets. In normal times they provide jobs for many, who (if they’re wise handlers of the money they earn and don’t spend themselves into debt) prosper, invest, spend, and support the economy. Not to say all that is easy, or that it happens overnight, but it works.

So if you’re a politician (Obama) who thinks he’s right to lower the limit on how much a business can profit by taxing abnormally huge amounts away, Then the “rich business owner” (not having unlimited deep pockets) has only three choices:
1. Jack up prices dramatically, so consumers buy less goods or services,
2. Relocate to another country (US businesses don’t all have to remain here), or
3. Cut jobs. Many jobs.

On a personal note, I’m out of work now and I need a job. I would have to be stupid (and I’m not, I’ve taken the tests) to vote for Obama.

Even a watered-down form of socialism has never worked anywhere, not nearly as well for people – all people – as free market capitalism. And it won’t magically work here if people fall for Obama’s “charisma”.

Item 2: The fact that the race is this close shows that many people are reacting emotionally due to their hatred of President George W. Bush. Not to mention their hatred of Republicans, conservatives, traditionalists, Bible believing Christians who are pro-life and pro sanctity of marriage, etc.

Therefore, my second personal note follows, but first, a disclaimer. I don’t expect everyone who reads this to agree with me on all points of faith and belief. So I won’t try to “make” you do anything; I’ve found that approach usually fails anyway. While I ask you to consider my words and see if you agree, I’m putting this on myself. This is where I stand.

My Lord Jesus Christ, my God and my Redeemer, is the giver and sustainer of life who while He walked among us on earth, lived a life according to moral standards so high, His was a life of sinless perfection. (God requires the same impossibly high standards of fallen mortals like you and me, but thankfully, in our place Christ took our sins upon us on the cross and then was raised again. Those who believe in Him are saved by grace through faith, and are now reconciled with God for eternity. Much more can be said, a whole sermon’s worth, in fact.)

God also established marriage as a commitment between one man and one woman. We tamper with that perfect arrangement at our great peril. Historically, any society which has “normalized” homosexuality has fallen, and we would not be the first society to beat that trend.

Should our nation turn back to Christ and seek this much higher moral standard? I think so. But the point here is that I’m convinced that if I ever gave my vote to the current day democrat party I would be aiding and giving comfort to abortionists, radical feminist lesbians, and homosexuals who practice anal sex, just to mention the most outrageous examples.

That would dishonor my Lord and Savior who died in my place so that I might live in His Kingdom. Okay, none of us honor Christ completely, and I have need to confess my sins, daily.

But my vote is almost, perhaps is, a sacred statement. I cannot vote for Obama and pretend I’m serving two masters.

I don’t hate Barak Obama, and I’m resisting calling him names. And while I’m not – quite – to the point of being terrified of an Obama presidency, I am scared, very scared, of the damage and destruction he would do to our great nation.

(Don’t forget, democrat v.p. candidate Joe Biden has already promised – and I’m paraphrasing here - that within six months Obama would be tested, and that they would be forced to make decisions that we’re sure are wrong, but “just trust us” anyway. I think the six month time frame is about right. I predict that if the worst happens and Obama is elected, that six months from now even his most ardent supporters will say, “What the h—l have we done to ourselves?”)

Contrast my concerns / fears to the rhetoric from the left. I challenge you, if you have the stomach for it, to find a left leaning blog. I won’t tell you where to find such, but here’s a hint: major media (T.V. networks, newspapers). I did so and was amazed by the intense hatred directed towards President Bush, republicans, conservatives, Christians…people like me. No logic to their arguments, but they hate us.

So, will the haters win on November 4th?

You’ve noticed I haven’t said all that much about John McCain. I guess I had to get all that about the opposition off my chest, a sort of “wake-up call”, if you will. Obama would have to move way to the right to be just a liberal democrat.

Obviously I support John McCain.
He’s a war hero who’s ready to lead. He knows the dangers we face and we will be stronger with him as president.
He has a better understanding of economics and the role of government than Obama ever will.
He’s more pro-life than Obama, or any democrat for that matter.

The media has been beating the drum to discourage us and keep us home tomorrow. Ignore them. Instead of discouragement, I think a bit of righteous indignation is called for.

Time is short, but if you agree with at least most of this, pass it along. Encourage those you send this to do do the same.

Get fired up! Drive like minded people to the polls. Remember, the only poll that counts is the one Tuesday the fourth.

Do the right thing, and be of good courage.