124. A Better Burger

Anybody who knows me, knows I love hamburgers. I'm picky about them. They need to be juicy and have only mustard and American cheese on them. I don't know if I'm an expert or not, but I know what I like.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I served a number of years at McDonald's in various capacities, including Night Shift Manager. I am fond of their burgers when cooked properly.)

Tonight, my bride wasn't home after work, so I stopped off on the way to get a bite and I decided to do something different since I was on my own. I went to Hardee's to try a Thickburger, or to be precise, a Little Thickburger. I didn't expect it to be great, but they have done a lot of advertising, so I wanted to see (or taste) for myself.

I was right - it wasn't great. But, it was pretty good. However, I won't pay two dollars for another one when McDonald's has double cheese for a buck.

Well, I read the little write-up on the burger bag and it seems the president of Hardee's, Andy Puzder, is offering a money back guarantee if you do not agree with him that his is the best fast-food burger around. The bag says to contact him.

So I did and here's what I wrote:

Dear Andy -

The bag says to contact you if "you don't agree with me that these are the best tasting fast-burgers you can get anywhere". And you say that you would give me my money back.

I'm not too interested in the money, but I am interested to know if you mean what you say. I post regularly at www.centralstandard.blogspot.com and I will post about this. If you stand behind your product, I'll give you credit for it on my blog.

Frankly, I like Steak-n-Shake, Culver's and McDonald's burger better than the Little Thickburger I had tonight. Nothing wrong with it - just not better. We also have a local drive-in called Taylor's that has a better burger.

I just sent that email a while ago.

If Andy's word is good, I'll let you know. And I'll even post the Hardee's logo! How's that?!

Isn't this exciting?

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Bob Wingate said...

I'll be interested in seeing how that turns out.

By the way, your Public Service Announcement is great! Where did you get that?