122. One of the Good Guys

Mike Singletary was named the head coach of the San Fransisco 49ers today. He was always one of those guys I liked, even though I didn’t root for his teams. ESPN has details here.

A Baylor grad, one of his admirable qualities is he has made no secret of his commitment to Jesus Christ. And it's easy to root for guys like that, though his new team is in the same division as the Seahawks. And, as it turns out, Seattle will travel to San Fran this week. I hope Singletary does well, but I hope the Seahawks win.

I posted the 'Niners logo in his honor and it's a good looking one, at that. On the logo/team colors front, the Niners added black to their uniforms a few years ago and, I think, it was a helpful addition. In the early to mid nineties, black and teal seemed to be favored by new franchises in pro sports and by teams updating their look. Very few of these actually looked good, but the 49ers logo/uniform is an exception, in my opinion. The black seemed to make their colors pop.

So, in honor of Singletary’s promotion, we post the Niners logo.

Boy, I hate doing it during Seahawks week, though.

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