121. The Future Is Now

A dog wash is not what any of us saw coming. Marty never anticipated it.

When we were young and imagined what the future would be like, well it’s become a joke now, we imagined flying cars. We imagined teleporting devices that would enable us to travel from place to place instantly, when you weren’t driving the flying car, I suppose.

We imagined machines that would prepare a meal and do the clean-up without us doing more than issuing a command. Well, whatever George and Jane Jetson had, we were sure we would have.

But no. We have none of it. What has all our ingenuity, technology and imagination given us? A dog wash.

Marty noticed the new place a few weeks ago as it was being built. Looks like a car wash, he thought. A car wash with an odd little room on the end with a regular door, lots of glass and a table with a stainless steel tub on it. Marty was sure it wasn’t for a car.

A few days later, the answer to the puzzle. The sign was up and it declared the new establishment was the County Line Car Wash and Dog Wash. A dog wash, thought Marty. What about just putting Rover in the tub at home? Or just hose him off in the driveway? Get the kids to do it. How hard can this be? Now we need a place to go and wash the dog?

And in public? The last thing I want anyone seeing, thought Marty, is me wrestling a sopping wet animal half my size. And then what? How do you get him home? You put a wet dog in your car. Isn’t this the sort of thing you try to avoid?

Now if we just had flying cars, you could let the top down and Rover would be dry by the time you got home.

Yup, a flying car would do just fine.

1 comment:

Bob Wingate said...

I like your latest Marty story.

The dog wash reminds me, and I don't know if I ever mentioned...but one time as we were driving north from a visit at your old place, I saw a retail store with the sign, Pet Warehouse.

I can picture it now...

"Hey Boss, ya know the dogs you ordered? They sent us nothin' but Weiner Dogs!"

"Oh great, Ed. I guess we can have a two for one sale. Put the crates, let's see, over in that corner."

"Okay boss, but there's a whole bunch of 'em."

(Ed goes to the back room, and soon drives the forklift stacked high with dog cages into the store. You can hear the "beep, beep, beep" as he jockeys the forklift back and forth into just the right position.)

What any of that actually has to do with Marty at the dog wash, I have no idea. I have to agree though, who wants a wet dog in their car?