The Chinese Are Warning Us

At my work, we received some product from China, wrapped in plastic upon which was printed this warning:

Warning – Plastic bags can be dangerous – to avoid danger of fuffocation (sic), keep this bag away from babies and children. Made in China

Fuffocation? It sounds bad. I knew plastic bags were a danger to babies. I didn’t know that they can also apparently cause misspelling in adults.

And I know the typical response is sometimes how difficult the English language is, and I understand that some, but I don't think that's a problem here. Don't you just need an English-speaker who can do a quick edit? Maybe set up a template with correctly spelled words?

English is hard? OK, well what about Chinese? Can you penetrate that? Have you seen the Chinese characters?

I know it makes sense to them but to me it looks like someone made up a language out of stuff that was randomly picked out of the junkyard.

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Jenny said...

You should see the "English" signs that they have in China. It's ten times worse (and more hilarious). My sister owns a "Bravefart" dvd she bought over there.