Peas In A Pod

Imagine Iran with missiles that can reach, not only Jerusalem, but European capitals and possibly cities along the Eastern United States. Picture North Korean missiles that can hit targets in Alaska and possibly Hawaii. Now imagine that Iran and North Korea are working together.

Actually, they are working together, as this article makes clear.

"Iranian missile experts are helping North Korea with the imminent launch of an ICBM that can hit Alaska and Hawaii. Imagine a Taepodong-2 with a nuke. This is no time to gut missile defense."

No, this certainly is no time to be gutting defense. We had an administration like this before, remember? It was the economy, stupid? They gutted defense. That was right before 9-11. The succeeding administration had to clean up after those misplaced priorities.

Now again, we're focusing on the economy and gutting defense. This is all right before . . .

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