March Radio Madness

The basketball tournament frenzy is starting to ramp up and the other day I heard a sports radio talking head go on about some of the automatic qualifiers from the smaller (read weaker) conferences. He was of the opinion that he would rather see a ninth place team from a stronger conference than some winner of a small conference, saying he thought the ninth place team would be better and that the game would be more competitive.

The great thing about America is everybody gets to say their opinion.

Put me down as one sports fan who does not care.

What I do care about is that the national champ is in fact in the tournament. What I do care about is that the best handful of teams in the country who have a realistic chance to win the tournament are in the field.

And they always are. I really am not interested in arguing about the other 55 or 56 teams.

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KathyS said...

Did you mean to say you didn't have any preference? ;-)