BLT (Bacon Left the Truck)

Pigs have bellies and apparently 'them's good eatin' '.

Actually, I had to look up pork bellies on Google and I discovered that bacon, at least in the U. S. comes from the belly of a pig. I don't know about you, but that fact sort of set me back a bit.

I do like my bacon, though, and I am not alone. So imagine how thrilling it would be to come upon a whole truckload of pork bellies, hmm? Before you get too excited, the whole truckload was in a ditch in Illinois.

That might knock some of the romance off your morning ration of pork belly.

The truck was from a company based here in Springfield, so our local NBC affiliate had coverage.

No word on where one could find a truckload of eggs, though.

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Ryan said...

41,000lbs of happiness wasted...I'll bet there will be an equal amount of tears shed. I'm perfectly fine with them being bellies though...it's the stuff they make hot dogs out of that worries me (and I ate two for lunch today)! Exit question: Why weren't the flags at half staff?