Pen the Tale

I will be the first to admit I do not know much about protocol for world leaders, but that's OK because I am still not a despotic ruler nor tin horn dictator. Yet.

However, the president of the United States should know protocol or have people around him who do. Unfortunately our current president is blissfully unaware of these things. Or he doesn't give a rip. Either way, it's an embarrassment.

Now the White House staff have decided to lie about Obama's latest snafu, the bowing before the Saudi king. Apparently, U.S. presidents are not to bow before other leaders and I think that's the right way to handle it. Obama handled it the wrong way - he bowed. Only the White House is saying he didn't bow, here. And here.

Alrighty, then. Let's go to the tape. Or a still from the tape. Here in the photo of the event we see the presidential backside. Obama is bent over at the waist, his face to the ground. He is in full grovel mode, I think.

What is happening here? Remember, Gibbs says Obama is not bowing. If it's not a bow, then what is it? THAT, Central Standard readers, is what you are assigned to tell us.

What is happening? You describe it in some creative way - a poem, a limerick, a script, or a song. Perhaps a joke - well, OK, that goes without saying, but you know what I mean. Use the 'Comment' section of this post and tell us what you think is going on.

Remember, he's not bowing.


Larry said...

I'd call it more of a courtsey than a bow.


Ryan said...

Theory #1: He's leaning over to tell Sarkozy that he either (A) likes his new belt Obama logo belt buckle that Dubya gave him before leaving office as a practical joke or (B) Sarkozy's zipper, ahem bull might be out of the barn.

Theory #2: King Abdullah has a miniature "mini-King Abdullah" standing just behind and to his right...Dear Leader is only showing courtesy by stooping down to his level.

Theory #3: Obama has absolutely no earthly idea what he's doing...why should we expect a community organizer to know international greeting protocol.

Tim said...
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Tim said...

A limerick enttitled Lack of Stratiegery

There once was man named Obama,
Who bowed and created a drama.
In his ignorant haste,
He bent at the waist,
Now his snub for this flub is "Yo'mama!!"

Peter said...

He was passing along a Ipod filled with his speeches and didn't want anybody to notice this time.

Bob Wingate said...

Okay, try this one.

What you can't see in the photo is that Obama has a brand new pair of bifocals. Unfortunately, the prescription was ground wrong, and the bifocals make people appear to be a lot shorter than they really are.

After this embarrassing moment, members of the administration went into action to find Someone To Blame. The problem with the new bifocals was quickly discovered, and the order went out to bring in the optometrist for questioning.

But they were, tragically, too late. Shortly after making Obama's bifocals, the optometrist had dramatically fallen into his lens grinding equipment and had made a spectacle of himself.

Tim said...

My hat is off to Mr Wingate. I laughed for 10 minutes on that one.

Bob Wingate said...

Thanks Tim, but I gotta 'fess up.

My first idea was to try for a limerick, but after reading yours, I couldn't come up with anything to top it.

Hence my switch to Plan B: When all else fails, go for a pun.

Probably just as well.

JEff said...

ok, i must put in my ten cents... so here I am, reaching through the computer, and placing a dime into the computer, then gently allowing my had to come from the computer and back on the keyboard. 10 cents... its' all good.