It Occurs To Me

It occurs to me that if Adultery and Children Born Out of Wedlock were eradicated from the country overnight the "creative team" at the Jerry Springer and Maury Povich shows would have no ideas.

It occurs to me that Susan Boyle's entire experience on 'Britain's Got Talent' was a dream! I'm pretty late finding out about this, I think, but I've watched it three times and get tears every time.

It occurs to me that Rick Ankiel has reached his ceiling as an everyday ballplayer, he's as good as he's ever going to be. If the Cardinals could get a real second baseman or a decent reliever for him, they should make the deal and not think twice.

It occurs to me that all of Pink Floyd’s music sounds like the soundtrack for our lives after the apocalypse. Hearing their work makes me imagine a fleet of spaceships laden with our children fleeing the cataclysm and who, like the infant Clark Kent, are seeking to start life over on some new world. I can hardly think of any music that tempts me to depression more.

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Tim said...

(British Accent implied)
"If you don't eat your meat you cant' have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"