Card Index is Down

I always thought the Index Card was one of man’s great achievements. That and the Bic pen, crystal, blue, medium point, but I digress.

The index card is a great size, three inches by five inches. We call them 3 by 5 cards. One slips into your pocket because of it’s handy size. Yet it’s sturdy enough to survive a day’s work - in the pocket, out of the pocket, back in, now out.

There’s enough room to write a To Do List, or a grocery list, or an outline of a short presentation. Longer presentation? No problem, add a card. Or two. Jot a note to yourself, or to someone else. Or draw something.

You can file them. They make boxes just for that, for filing. You can preserve your lists, notes, drawings and whatnot. What a great invention, that sturdy little card.

Or it was.

Have you seen what they’ve done to index cards? They are ruined! They aren’t card stock anymore, at least not that I’ve found! They are like paper! Thin, rough, BAD PAPER!! I came across these so-called index cards a few weeks ago and I hate them! So I returned to the store to find better ones. I searched for some indication of the weight or thickness of the stock, but I couldn’t find any. And you just can’t tell how good they are in the wrapper, they are bundled up so tight. They look good, but it’s deceptive.

I found some in a two-pack from Oxford and I bought them. I thought, “They are from Oxford, a reputable brand in the office supply world. They’re probably OK!” But, NO! They are terrible! Thin, papery, lousy slips of paper with lines. Call them lined scraps of 3 by 5 paper. They are not worthy of the name, “Index Card.”

I am bereft.

So, I'm appealing for help. If you know of a manufacturer still making Index Cards worthy of the name, please tell me.

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