Get More Jewelry With the Tickets

I read Dave Barry every week.

If you don't know (heavens! who doesn't know?) Barry is a columnist for the Miami Herald and he writes humor. In my view he is must reading. He is what I want to be when I grow up.

His column this week concerned the travails of brides-to-be during the run-up to the wedding. This amounts to planning and planning and planning with the intent being to have a day that is not "RUINED, RUINED, RUINED!" And it all has to be done by the bride, of course.

"Well, what about the groom?", you ask. Helpfully, Barry explains:

And don't tell me that the groom can help. Please. The groom is useless. Statistically speaking, something like 92 percent of all grooms are male. If you let males plan weddings, you're going to wind up with Skee Ball at the reception.

My first reaction, "What a GREAT idea!!! Man! What a blast!" And I thought that any man who read that column had basically the same reaction. "Who wouldn't go for Skee Ball at the reception?"

Actually, I think we know who.

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Bob Wingate said...

Dave hit it on the head...Skee Ball would be great fun! But since that would be an automatic veto, maybe that would be an appropriate 25th anniversary activity. After all, a marriage making it to the quarter century mark should come with a special reward at the celebration.

Okay, here's a true story. My nephew did something creative and unexpected at his wedding reception; no wedding cake. He could eat sweet stuff if he wanted, but he just can't stand it...never has been able to. One year for his birthday, my sister bought the biggest dill pickle she could find and put birthday candles in it...the birthday pickle.

So I was a bit concerned at the wedding, but apparently a compromise was reached. We had Dippin' Dots - the ice cream of the future, you know. The groom could have just a spoon or two, as little as he wanted, and the rest of us could go back for seconds if we wished.

Or thirds. It worked out well.