Customer Service The Right Way

I have been going to write about customer service for a long time now. Typically what drives me to do so (almost!) is a bad experience, or service that says to me, the customer, something like "Can't you see we're busy, go away! No, I can't help you, even though it's perfectly obvious that I can and should! I won't! Go away!"

Somehow and somewhere along the way the notion of providing customers with the service they expect in an efficient, courteous manner got jettisoned. Many times these days, if you ask for a little service, a little this or another that, the employee will look at you like you just hit his truck.

Not so at Culver's in Springfield on Wednesday evening! I had gone to pick up my bride from work and we were headed to church. Typically that means we grab something quick to eat on the way. Culver's is on the same street as her office so I stopped for a Pot Roast Sandwich Value Basket and the roast was delicious, I might add, and I headed to her office.

I got there, parked in front to observe her emergence from the building. While waiting I reached for some fries and WHAT! NO FRIES! They forgot the fries! C'mon! It's a Value Basket! Sandwich! Fries! Drink! The fried and carbonated triumvirate that rules ALL FASTFOODOM! How can you NOT get those 3 pieces together?!

My bride alighted from the office and got in the car. I told her what happened and we drove back to the restaurant. I was sure they would give us the fries, I was just there. But I expected to be treated as if it were my fault somehow. Sorry, that's just what I expected.

I couldn't have been more wrong. The young man was very sorry and said he would get our fries right away. The shift manager stuck her head out the window, apologized, and asked if she could get us some custard for our trouble! "Yes, please," we answered. When she brought the custard, I told them, in far fewer sentences, what I've just told you, that they had just performed customer service the way it should be done and that very few others do it any more!

And honestly, being able to praise their efforts made us happier than getting the custard!

Way to go, Culver's!

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