Double Take

"You know, Fay, in every baseball game I see something I've never seen before." - Roger Craig

I am not sure if I know if this is true for me, but I am closer to believing it than I've ever been. More often than not I will notice something in a ballgame I've never noticed before.

Did you see the double play in the Royals game last night? The one "started" by Sidney Ponson? I will give you the link, but first, the description.

The Rays had runners at first and third. The Rays batter, Zobrist, scorched a line drive that hit Ponson and went to the Royals second baseman on the fly, one out. Both runners had left their bases when the ball was hit, so Callaspo tried to double off the runner at first, but the throw hit him in the back as he retreated to first base. First baseman picks up the ball and throws across the diamond to get the runner from third who had actually crossed the plate and couldn't get back in time, completing the double play. Two hit players, two outs. Crazy.

I had never seen anything like this before. Take a look.

The quote at the top is from former player and manager, Roger Craig, from a book by former baseball commissioner Fay Vincent. The book is entitled, "The Last Commissioner."

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