'24' Observations

1. President Taylor is weak.
2. Jack is caught between a rock a hard place – actually this is the story line most of the time.
3. Is Renee the new woman in Jack’s life? – she should watch her back, there’s a mole at HQ and that’s how Terri Bauer bought it.
4. Is the Secretary of State dirty? The one on the show, that is . . .
5. It’s amazing what Jack knows – he can blow you away without blowing you away.
6. The president’s husband is weak – it’s a matched set.
7. Doesn’t the president of the United States have an obligation to US citizens first?
8. Who is doing Bill Buchanan’s hair?
9. Can you believe Jack shot Curtis? Last season – sorry. I still can’t believe it.
10. After the surprises in the first four episodes, number five sort of settled in to basic story-telling – we’ll get a big surprise in the next 3 shows or so.
11. How WILL Jack save Renee?
12. We got a bad Secret Service agent – is Logan nearby?
13. Renee, the president’s husband and the dead son’s girlfriend are all in danger – how many make it?
14. We are led to believe that Sean is the mole – makes me think he’s not – he’s just a cheater.
15. President Taylor is weak. I know, but it’s worth another mention.
16. Chloe. Like Jack and the heartbeat sound, Chloe is as much ‘24’ as anything. She’s carrying a torch for Jack. – what do you think?
17. Maybe Janis is the mole at the FBI?
18. Maybe Larry? He seems kind of dumb to be a mole.
19. Fox’s new show ‘Lie to Me*’ looks like it’ll be a short run – They see who’s telling a lie by facial features? How many are there – a dozen? Then what’ll you do for shows? Two seasons at the most, I say.
20. How weak is President Taylor? I miss Wayne Palmer - that’s how weak.
21. I don’t like her chief of staff, either. I think he’s connected to the bad guys from the ‘Redemption’ movie.
22. Jack and Tony’s cover gets blown Monday – that’ll be good.
23. I wasn’t sure Tony died two seasons ago – I was right. But will he die this time?
24. President Taylor is so weak the terrorists are using HER persona to cripple the national security firewall.

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