It Occurs To Me

Whoever invented the fleece pullover is in line for some sort of award.

I admit I was skeptical of the powers of the fleece when I first began seeing them a few years ago - they were everywhere. See, it's another fad, I thought.

Then I had one given to me and I quickly changed my mind. I'm wearing it now. I wear it constantly.

And I'm not alone. According to this article, "we are a nation ensconced in fleece."

The article lists a company as the developer of fleece, if you are wondering, but not a person's name.

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Tim said...

My Homage to Fleece


Polar fleece keeps me toasty.
Polar fleece I love the mostee.
The fashion of fleece is non-comparable,
The lack of fleece is oh, so terrible.
The fleece I buy must be 3XL,
If you think that's large you can go to Old Navy.