I Was Relieved

The place where I work is often visited by vendors from various publishing houses. Today I sat in four meetings, two of which were vendor related.

The first meeting of the vendor variety took place at 10 am and I prepped for it mostly by drinking a glass of tea and a bottle of water. (Ahem) I don't need to tell you for what room I made a beeline after that meeting broke up.

I found, when I got to that little room, that our vendor had also heard nature's call. While he washed his hands, we got into a discussion. He asked me about my church background, saying that he thought he remembered that I wasn't from the Assemblies of God. I told him I wasn't and that I was a Southern Baptist. And then, without thinking, I added this little nugget.

"Not only am I Baptist, but I'm reformed in my theology." I'm not sure why I said it. I immediately wondered what he would think of me because I knew this fellow was smart enough to know just what I meant. I didn't wonder long. He smiled and said that he, too, was Baptist and Reformed. The things you discover in the restroom!

We had a great conversation there in the relative privacy of the men's room about the sanctifying power of the Doctrines of Grace! Two Calvinists commiserating in the midst of a sea of Free-Willers!

A good time was had by all!

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SarahM said...

Enjoyed reading your story, dad! ...you just never know what a visit to the bathroom can do for you!