Who'll Stop Iran?

I just finished reading this article from Investor's Business Daily which describes the peril that Israel finds herself in. This is serious business. Iran is behind the attacks which Israel is enduring right now, but of course, we already knew Iran was up to it's eyeballs in exporting terror.

I hope the inexperienced president-elect knows it. And knows who to ask about what to do.

The missiles Hamas is firing may be able to reach Israel's nuclear facilities. Soon, ALL of Israel may be in reach of Hamas' weapons. One has to believe that this is why Israel's response has been swift and relentless. It is getting serious.

Hezbollah, to the north, is also an Iranian proxy and so Israel finds herself pinched between two factions bent on her destruction who are armed, supported and encouraged by Iran. For now, Israel can and will defend herself against these thugs on the border.

But who will stop Iran?

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