Link, A Dink A Dink

Here's a collection of stuff that's been gathering moss in the Blog Queue. It's time to roll them out so they gather moss no more!

Number One Son and his roommate have started a new blog, Spare Oom, where they display some of their graphic art prowess. It's a nice clean looking blog, as befits a couple of graphic arts students. Jacob's previous blog has been pulled down by Norman invaders, so if you go looking for it, it won't be there.

Herm Edwards is gone as coach of the Chiefs. I remember him from his playing days, a good player on some pretty good Eagles teams. I liked him then and as a coach with the Jets and in KC and I hoped he would do well, but he didn't. He was a good assistant but sometimes that doesn't always translate to the head job and I think that's true for Herm. He's a good guy and I'm sure he'll work in the league again if he wants to.

And a productivity tip from Jerry Seinfeld! I never watched his show when it was on. I still don’t except when my son is home – he’s a fan, but I never really thought it was that great. It’s funny in spots, but by and large Jerry and Elaine whine, George is a train wreck and Kramer is out of his mind. I think Kramer is the only one of the bunch I could stand for more than 3 minutes. Anyway for a long time this clip was all I knew about Seinfeld. Why mention this? Well, I read an interesting productivity tip from Seinfeld and wanted to pass it along. I've been using it and I think it's great!

Koko! Koko! Koko!

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