Marty Checks In

I had not heard from Marty in a while. He has quite a bit of family, so with the holidays and all, he gets busy. Then, like a lot of us, he's had some weather to contend with. That said, Marty checked in today -

Marty went to work today at the rental place. I'd like to tell you it's Marty's U-Haul, but everyone's so litigious these days, I'd probably owe somebody something if I used the name U-Haul. So, it's not U-Haul. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, it was going to be a slow day because of all the bad weather, there just wouldn't be many folks renting trucks today. They would be busy shoveling and stacking limbs. Well, thought Marty, I'll just pull up my internet music station and do some Sudoku puzzles and keep the lights on. You never know.

Marty is not that interested in Sudoku, but it keeps the mind busy. "For cryin' out loud, it's going to be 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9! It's not THAT hard! Just keep writing, erasing and writing, you'll get there!" And when he got bored, there always were boxes to dust and clear packing tape to arrange on peg board. Yep, a full day.

Marty pulled up his radio station and pulled out the Sudoku book and looked inside it. Where was the pencil? The pencil is gone! Did somebody use the pencil and not put it back? MAN! I leave the pencil in the book so it's always there! That was a good pencil! MAN!

Eddie! I'll bet Eddie took it! Shoot! Marty got up and looked outside to make sure there were no customers on the way in. Satisfied he went to the back and through the door labeled 'Employees Only' and into the garage area. On the other side of the garage, near the supplies was the employee restroom. Marty went in there and took the toilet paper roll off the holder. The spindle had long ago been lost, and there, where the spindle should be, was Marty's good pencil. He was pretty sure he'd find it there.

Marty prides himself on knowing his workers.

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